30,000 Barrels

30,000 Barrels a day. 52 days. That’s more than sixty-five million gallons to date. And counting.

And that’s a lot of oil being pumped into the gulf because of human error and neglect from British Petroleum. This is likely the largest human disaster ever.

I don’t believe in global warming. That’s not to say I don’t believe in climate change, I do. I just disagree that it’s manmade. Increases in temps around the world can more easily be explained by climate cycles. The increase of carbon in the atmosphere has been to such a small degree that it’s inconceivable to me that it is causing any type of permanent change to our climate.

But more than that, I couldn’t conceive that man himself could cause such havoc, such widespread global change. We have such a small footprint. Sure, we’ve created cities and highways and an industrial revolution. But other animals create dams and wipe our species. Surely man’s impact on the planet couldn’t cause that kind of devastation, right?

Then came BP and the Gulf Oil Spill.

Well, guess I was wrong about that. I guess man’s destructive power is that big.

So this tells me something about myself. Because surely my small actions can’t cause widespread devastation, can they? Surely the short words that come from my mouth can’t affect my friends’ emotions and egos. Surely a short temper or bad attitude towards my wife can’t tear her down, can it?

Maybe we need to start measuring our human footprint in terms of how we treat others with our words and actions.


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